About the Matsuura-Tou Tourism Exchange Association

-Seeking to deliver “true” experiences that lift people up, and provide positivity and drive for a better tomorrow-

Our organization started its mission in January of 2002, with the aim of bringing the people of the area, who love their fishing towns and agricultural village life more than anything, together with others that share an interest in fishing and farming. Exchanges bring vitality to the people of the region, and the people, in turn, bring peace to the hearts of those who visit. We look to provide “real” experiences that energize and propel humanity into tomorrow.

There are plenty of average “hands-on” tourist offerings. However, we have formed the “National Honmono Experience Promotion Committee” (AKA Honmono Experience Network). Every year, we research and promote the expansion of exchange activities based around authentic, life experiences, as well as hold the National Honmono Experience Forum. In 2006, we held the 4th Annual National Honmono Experience Forum in Nagasaki, and had over 1,100 participants join the event.

We have received many awards as well, including the Prime Minister’s All Right! Japan Grand Prize award in 2007, the Nagasaki Prefectural People’s Award, and the JTB Award for Excellence in Cultural Exchange in January of 2008. We also have a proven track record, with over 250,000 junior and senior high school students coming to us from across the nation for their school trips. (Current as of April 1, 2017)

We are a public organization, and place a particular focus on safety and hygiene, with the economic and human support of the people of Matsuura City and Nagasaki Prefecture.

We foster and improve the ability of young people, junior and senior high school students who will carry our world into the future, to build human relationships. We promote the appreciation of agricultural and fishing village culture and nature through hosting school trips. We enjoy providing personal exchanges for regular people interested in the culture and lives of those making a living through fishing and agriculture as well. In these ways, we are committed to contributing to society and providing motivation to our members.

We would like to ask for the support and patronage of people far and wide.