Why use us?

Why use us?

Relationship building between team members

In industry, it is indispensable for solutions teams to have good interpersonal relationships. When workers share life experiences together outside of the office, they deepen those relationships, their understanding of one another, and find things to share in common. This, in turn, creates the kind of peaceful workplace atmosphere needed to solve problems.

Return to the serenity found in your hometown, let yourself be soothed by the simplicity nature brings, refresh yourself and revitalize your work life.

Relationships at work and other places become stressful from time to time, and rob us of our energy. We become tied down in a small world. Give yourself a chance to reflect and go back to basics, and refresh in a place of peace. Then, return to this big world of ours with more heart than before!

Introspection: Appreciate the lives and principles of others and yourself

Experience the lives of the local people, and of instructors, in the program and lodging experiences. Rediscover the treasure of human relations amidst care and good people, and carry it home with you.

Find life hints for a sustainable society, understand the value of different aspects of nature through outdoor sports, grasp

whats really important through agriculture, fishing and natural experience programs,...all while enjoying one-of-a-kind nature.

Explore regional development

The market price of agricultural and fishing goods is stagnant, but to realize profit, an undue load must be placed upon the environment. Service sales, such as tourism experience programs, contribute greatly when aligned with profits from fishing and agricultural industry product sales. Agricultural undertakings and fishing operations become like products themselves. Furthermore, local production and consumption is greatly influenced by external financial stimulus. Maintaining agriculture, forestry and fishery is a top priority for rural areas where agriculture, forestry and fishery is still the core industry. Take a chance and learn about regional stimulus and competitive products through an experience program.

Integrated promotion of regional economy and society

Participants bring greatly appreciated external money to local areas through experience programs. However, that alone is not enough for rich lives. The program participants also bring renewed pride; Pride in passing on cherished knowledge, pride in knitting human relationships. This kind of welcoming program can only be done through the effort of the entire community; A rich community actualized with program participants. Regions feel rebirth from the programs, both economically and emotionally.


Please take this opportunity to think about the importance of food safety and food education in a place with its heart-life in agriculture, forestry and fishing.

For open youth Build human relationships, gain confidence, grow, and realize the strength to thrive.

Connect with the nature, and those who have made it their living. Know other families, grow closer with them and feel the satisfaction human relationships bring. This is what waits for the youth. It's a time they will never experience the same again!